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Vine Sweet Mini Peppers

Most people think when they see red or any color pepper and they are small HOT HOT HOT, but these mini peppers are very sweet and crunchy tasting.

They are very versatile when it comes to cooking and available year-round. Good for soups and stews, stir fries and salads or a nutritious snack any time.

Vine sweet mini peppers are finger sized - just the right number of bites for a quick snack. And since they are practically seedless, there's not a lot of waste during preparation.

Red, yellow and orange vine-sweet mini-peppers are delicious alternatives to bell peppers. Available in clamshells, 10-12 assorted color peppers per pack.

A product of traditional plant breeding using bell peppers and hot peppers to develop a small, sweet pepper with relatively few seeds.


Choose firm, crisp, shiny peppers with a good bright color and a green stem, they should be hard, not limp, with no wrinkles or withering or signs of mold. Those that have lost some of their crispness can be fried or chopped and added to cooked dishes.


Refrigerate in the crisper drawer, will keep up to 2 weeks. Left at room temperature they'll lose their crunch in a matter of hours. Don't wash until you're ready to use them.

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