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Donut Peaches

Originating in China, this international peach traveled from Java to England and then onto the shores of New York to Washington State. They first began marketing them in 1986. Donut peaches make a great conversation piece and are a wonderful snack. Frieda's Inc. of California came up with the name since they have the shape of a flattened, round donut. They are big in flavor and juiciness, with a small, freestone pit about the size of a pistachio and white pulp.


Like most peaches, they are available in the summer months.


When choosing donut peaches, use your eyes and your nose. Choose brightly colored fruit without traces of green, without bruising and with a plump, smooth skin that shows no sign of wrinkling or withering. A really ripe donut peach will have a good fragrance.


Donut peaches picked hard-ripe but with good color will ripen if you leave them out on the counter, un-refrigerated, for two or three days or put them in a brown paper bag to hasten the process. Don't refrigerate until they're fully ripe, and then don't keep them in the refrigerator for more than a day or two. Like nectarines, they will lose juice and flavor if they're refrigerated too long.


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